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Covid-19 safe First Aid Training.

All Bags First Aid training courses cover Covid-19 safe resuscitation, additional safety advise and use of enhanced PPE in light of risks associated with Coronavirus. Courses observe best practice in hygiene, social distancing and infection control.

PPE Visor

Bags First Aid have taken several steps to ensure learning vital First Aid skills can be done in a way which is safe and effective. All course participants receive detailed pre-course information and class sizes are either reduced or larger training rooms used to ensure social distancing. By using PPE during the training it enables participants to remain safe and gives real practise in its use in a First Aid emergency. Resuscitation guidelines have been updated in light of Covid-19 and the latest protocols will be taught on courses. Again by using the Covid-19 CPR practises on the course, participants remain safe and are prepared to deal with a real life incident.

In an Infant resuscitation situation it is likely the First Aider will be a parent or carer. In these situations any risk of infection may already have been accepted as part of day to day care or the desire to provide effective resuscitation may out-weigh any risk. There is also evidence that infants are less likely to contract and transmit the Covid-19 virus. In light of this rescue breaths in infant resuscitation will still be taught. To enable complete safety of participants Bags First Aid has made massive investment in CPR Baby Anne manikins to enable each participant to have their own manikin throughout the course. Even when manikins are not being used for rescue breaths they are cleaned between use.

Between courses manikins are cleaned and airways changed.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic there have still been the same (if not an increased) amount of cuts, burns, strokes, heart attacks, asthma attacks, diabetic emergencies, seizures, cardiac arrests and all the other conditions where effective First Aid can play a part in helping a casualty. It is therefore vital workplaces continue to ensure staff are First Aid trained.

PPE for First Aid

How the training is made Covid-19 safe: